Masters Practice Etiquette

The following is a list of things that will help make practice more enjoyable for you and other team members. Masters practices usually have more then one swimmer per lane so it is important to get in the appropriate lane and follow these guidelines. If at any time during the practice you have a question or concern please feel free to ask the coach on deck.

On the Deck:
> Please treat the pool staff and other pool users with courtesy and respect to help in our efforts to keep a good relationship with the pool management.
>Master swimmers are not allowed in the pool until a Masters coach is on the deck. All Masters swimmer must be out of the pool when the coach leave - unless you pay the lap swim fee to stay in longer in the mornings.
> Wear the appropriate suit while on the deck and in the pool. Also be aware of when your suit begins to wear out.
-Men: speedos, jammers and drag suits are most efficient in the water.
-Women: one piece suits and speedo/TYR two pieces are most efficient.

During the Workout:
> If you choose to swim in the masters workout you must swim the workout to the best of your ability. You will be ask to leave (or find your own lane when there is room) if you decide to do something other then the workout that is given by the coach.
>If it is your first time at our practice ask the coach about each lanes speed, and then choose the appropriate lane. Then get in the right order of the lane (fastest to slowest). The slowest person in the lane should be able to make the internal with some rest.
> Share the lane. Do not keep the lane to yourself or split the lane if you see that other lanes are filling up.
> If more then 2 people are in the lane swim circle pattern and flip turn in the middle of the lane. Your right arm should always be closest to the lane line.
>Do not change the interval without conferring with other lane members.
Leave at least :05 seconds apart. If 3 or less people are in the lane leave :10 seconds apart.
> Learn to read the pace clock.
> Be aware of where others are in the lane. If you are about to get lapped stop at the next wall and let others pass. Do not stop in the middle of the lane to stretch or take a break unless it is an emergency.
> If you are unable to do a particular skill, do a drill or swim that is about the same speed.
> Finish swims to the wall and move to the left to allow others to finish to the wall.